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We can demand a separate but equal citizenship system just like we had for american nationals and 14th amendment citizens. If you are not a federal person you can demand a system for yourself. When a black 14th amendment citizen was denied admission to a white law school, the government built a law school just for her. UNBELIEVABLE!
Date: Saturday, July 17, 2010, 4:17 AM

RE:      The Permanent State of War. Proclamation 2039& 2040 (12 USC 95 (a) & (b)).
 Dear Sir:
          It has recently been discovered by me, ............................... an Enemy Alien[1][1][1] as  defined by the de facto government of the united States, who sojourns from the County of .........., corporate State of ................... that War was declared against the American people, by  President Roosevelt on March 6th, 1933, by  Proclamation # 2039, and unconstitutionally ratified by Congress and the Senate on March 9th, 1933.  It stated in part..........."All "citizen's" of the united States were declared to be an enemy of the Corporate United States." See:  Congressional Record, March 9th, 1933, including H.R. 1491, Amended Trading With The Enemy Act. (12 USC 95(a) & (b), and  Stoehr v. Wallace, 255 U.S. 604.
          1.       The  act of March 6th, 1933, in order to be successfully enacted, required the full consent of the Governors of the several States. President Roosevelt called the Governors of the several states to Washington. Gifford Pinchot, then Governor of Pennsylvania, conspired in the Treason/Sedition against the American people by authoring and presenting the following resolution before the Governors Conference,  thereby sanctioning and supporting the de facto united States government in their Declaration of War against the American people.
We, The Governors of the States of the Union, assembled in conference at the White House by the President to discuss with him and each other matters of vital consequence to the people of this Nation, do hereby express our warm appreciation of the confidence, the desire to cooperate, and the alertness to the needs of our people which the President has signified by calling us here.
We welcome this opportunity to plan and work together for the common good.
           2.       The  Acts of March 6th and 9th, 1933, codified at 12 USC 95(a) & (b) , a Declaration of War against me, ......................, and my fellow Americans, by the de facto President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and certain de facto members of the 73rd Congress and Senate have created the full effect of:
                   i)       Effectively suspending the Original Organic Constitution for the United States of America and those of the several States .................
                   ii)      Unlawful seizure of all American's  inherent rights, title and interest to Life, Liberty and Property, "forever."  See:  Senate Report 93-549, Executive Replies, pages 191-195.
                   iii)     Creating a complete dictatorship over the economic and social affairs of the Corporate Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
                   iv)     The de facto government, its agencies and agents, claimed the power of right to bind the people of America, their children, property, and rights as commercial property in bondage, by emergency declaration, and further declared them to have no persona standi in judicio.
                   v)      As subjects to a belligerent nation, the people, and their posterity, are held in a permanent state of slavery and peonage under "IN REM" tribunal rules of procedure, by restatement of laws, and impairment of office from 1938 and thereafter.
          4.       In the case of Sei Fujii v. State, 217 P.2d 481, 486, it clearly states that all judges are bound by the United Nations Charter, not their Constitutional Oath of Office as the American people are led to believe.
          5.       Texas v. White, (1869) 74 U.S. 7 Wall, 227, "Memorandum of American Cases and Recent English Cases on the Law Trading with the Enemy", United States v. Butler, (1935), Stoehr v. Wallace, (1921) and others, revel what has been done without authority of law under a declared war and emergency powers, enforced by forcible entry, and unlawful detainer by a police state siege mentality.
          6.       The Act of March 9th, 1933, has never been terminated.  House Joint Resolution of  Oct. 19, 1951, ch. 519, 65 Stat. 451, provided: 'That the state of war declared to exist between the United States and the Government of Germany by the joint resolution of Congress approved December 11, 1941, is hereby terminated and such termination shall take effect on the date of enactment of this resolution (Oct. 19, 1951): Provided, however, That notwithstanding this resolution and any proclamation issued by the President pursuant thereto, any property or interest which prior to January 1, 1947, was subject to vesting or seizure under the provisions of the Trading With the Enemy Act of October 6, 1917 (40 Stat. 411), as amended (sections 1 to 6, 7 to 39, 41 to 44 of this Appendix) or which has heretofore been vested or seized under that Act, including accruals to or proceeds of any such property or interest, shall continue to be subject to the provisions of that Act in the same manner and to the same extent as if this resolution had not been adopted and such proclamation had not been issued.  Nothing herein and nothing in such proclamation shall alter the status, as it existed immediately prior hereto, under that Act, of Germany or of any person with respect to any such property or interest.'
            7.     House Joint Resolution 423, of April 14, 1952, was passed to continue the fraudulently declared "Emergency," as the "Emergency Powers Interim Continuation Act," approved April 14, 1952    See Public Law 313.   As evidence:
          Proc. No. 2974, Apr. 28, 1952, 17 F.R. 3813, 66 Stat. 31, provided in part:
           NOW, THEREFORE, I, HARRY S. TRUMAN, President of the United  States of America, do proclaim that the national emergencies declared to exist by the proclamations of September 8, 1939 (set out above), [omitted], and May 27, 1941 (set out above), [omitted], terminated this day  upon the entry into force of the Treaty of Peace with Japan.
      Nothing in this proclamation shall be construed to affect Proclamation No. 2914 (set out above), [omitted], issued by the President on December 16, 1950, declaring that world conquest by communist imperialism is the goal of the forces of aggression that have been loosed upon the world, and proclaiming the existence of a national emergency requiring that the military, naval, air, and civilian defenses of this country be strengthened as speedily as possible to the end that we may be able to repel any and all threats against our national security and to fulfill our responsibilities in the efforts being made through the United Nations and otherwise to bring about lasting peace; and nothing herein shall be construed to affect the continuation of the said emergency of September 8, 1939, as specified in the Emergency Powers Interim Continuation Act, approved April 14, 1952 (Public Law 313 ‑ 82d Congress), for the purpose of continuing the use of property held under the Act of October 14, 1940, ch. 862, 54 Stat. 1125, as amended (sections 1521 to 1524, 1531 to 1536, 1541 to 1553, 1561 to 1564, 1571 to 1576, 1581 to 1590 of Title 42, The Public Health and Welfare).
                                                         Harry S Truman.
          8.       The Act of March 6, 1933, through the "Emergency," effectively  suspended the Original Organic Constitution for the united States of America and the Organic Constitutions of the several states, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania included. 16 American Jurisprudence 2nd Edition, Sections 71 and 82 states, no "emergency" justifies a violation of any Constitutional provision. In Senate Report No. 93-549, 93rd Congress, 1st Session (1973), "Summary of Emergency Power Statutes," consisting of 601 pages, it is clearly admitted that abridgement has occurred. The statements heard in the federal and state Tribunals, on numerous occasions, that the Constitutional arguments are "immaterial," "frivolous" etc. is based upon concealment, furtherance and compounding of the Frauds and "Emergency" created and sustained by the "Expatriated" ALIENS of the UNITED NATIONS and its Organizations, Corporations and Associations, all of which comprise a seditious conspiracy.
          9.       The Act of March 6, 1933 was an act of "Treason" by  President Roosevelt, and all members of the federal Congress and the Senate who voted for the "ratification" of Proclamation # 2039 and for declaring War against the people of the united States of America. An act of Sedition and/or Treason by the Public Servants of Pennsylvania who knowingly and willingly gave aid and  comfort to the  de facto united states government by  carrying out said acts of Treason against the people of Pennsylvania. The Public Servants of Pennsylvania were guardians of the public trust and had a fiduciary responsibility to protect the people from  all enemies, both  domestic and foreign.
          10.     There has been a Felony Breach in the de jure government of the United States of America. We now have foreign insurgents in this State at this time, acting in concert, under a declared State of War as evidenced by 12 USC, 95(b) and subsection (b) of Section 5 of the Trading with the Enemy Act of October 6, 1917, as amended, under pretended statutory acts, ALL IN VIOLATION OF THE CONSTITUTION FOR THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA....The Original Organic Constitution for the United States of America, at Article III, Section 3, states:  "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort................"   (12 USC 95(a) & (b) does just that.
          11.     With impairment of Office having occurred, under false pretense and character, countless unlawful acts have occurred to the injury and as against the Peace, Dignity and Security of the de jure Sovereignty, The People Of The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and of the several States, with intent to compound their impersonations, illicit acts and prevarications of Law, and to usurp authority not delegated  and thereby abrogate, abridge, prejudice and violate the certain Rights, Powers, Privileges, Immunities, and Liberties of the people of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, as secured to them by the Constitution for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in para materia with the U.S. Constitution, under color of law, rule, regulation, statute, custom or license.
          12.     It is apparent that the present operation of the "de facto" government is under Foreign/Alien Constitutions, Laws, Rules and Regulations far distant from the depositories of the Public Records.  The overthrow of the "essential engine" declared in and by the Ordained and Established Constitution for the United States of America (1787), and by and under the "Bill of Rights" (1791) is obvious. The covert procedure used to implement and enforce these Foreign Constitutions, Laws, Procedures, Rules and Regulations, has, not to our knowledge, been collected and assimilated nor presented as evidence  to establish seditious collusion and conspiracy.
          13.     Those operating in our Offices of Public Trust, Honor or Profit have "fundamentally" changed the form and substance of the de jure Republican form of government, exhibited a willful and wanton disregard for Rights, Safety and Property of others, evinced a despotic design to reduce our people to abject slavery, peonage and involuntary servitude, under a fraudulent, tyrannical seditious foreign oligarchy, with intent and purpose to institute a "Dictatorship" over the true Sovereigns, the People,  and our Posterity.
          14.     These insurgents have completely debauched the de jure monetary system, destroyed the livelihood and lives of untold thousands, aided and abetted our enemies, and declared War upon us and our posterity. They have implemented foreign laws, rules, regulations and procedures within the body of the country, incited insurrection, rebellion sedition and anarchy within the de jure society, illegally entered our Land, taken false Oaths, entered into Seditious Foreign Constitutions, and, under pretense of "emergency," which they themselves created, promoted and furthered to cover their own sordid crimes. They formed a multitude of offices and retained those of alien alienage to perpetuate their frauds and to eat out the substance
of the good and productive people of our Land, and have arbitrarily dismissed and held mock trials for those who trespassed upon our lives, liberties, and property.
          15.     They have endangered our Peace,. The damage, injury and costs have been higher than mere money can repay. Our Public Servants have done that which they were COMMANDED NOT TO DO. The time for correction is NOW.
          If this document is not a correct conclusion of the above named facts and law,  demand  is made you refute my conclusions and provide the evidence to refute same within ten (10) days of Mailing of this document.  If you do not refute and produce the evidence to substantiate your position it will be a default on your part and all appropriate recourse at law will be applied as necessary.
          If I am correct you must take all appropriate action necessary to terminate Proclamation # 2039 and # 2040 immediately and restore this REPUBLIC to its rightful owners, The Sovereign People.

[1][1][1]An alien, that is, a citizen or subject of a foreign state or

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